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My name is Lorn Macintyre (see my website I am a novelist, poet and short story writer, published in the past by large publishers such as Collins (now HarperCollins). I am convinced that, with access to modern technological aids such as text setting, etc., and the promotional possibilities of the worldwide web, the increasing trend will be for writers to publish their own work. This is what I am doing at Priormuir Press, with increasing success. It means that I am involved fully in the entire creative spectrum from writing to marketing, because the latter also calls for creative skills.

I am located close to the beautiful town of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, home of golf, and of the most publicised romance so far of this century, that of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) who met at the University of St Andrews. See below for details of my new novel, Adoring Venus, which is set in present-day St Andrews and describes a fated love affair between the generations.