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In Adoring Venus Alan Mackilligin, a recently bereaved professor at the University of St Andrews and an authority on the portrayal of the nude female form in Greek sculpture, embarks on a passionate affair with an 18 year old student, with disastrous consequences. This contemporary novel is located almost entirely in St Andrews, at whose university Prince William and Kate Middleton - now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - first met and fell in love. Apart from portraying St Andrews, Adoring Venus explores the physical and emotional gap between the generations, and the poignancy of the ageing process.

Critical acclaim:

‘In Adoring Venus the two principal characters are beautifully and sympathetically drawn, as is the claustrophobic atmosphere of St Andrews, which is a character in its own right. It has, moreover, great narrative drive and raw emotional depth which so many novels lack these days.’

Alan Taylor, writer and critic.

Published: June 2011. ISBN number: 978-0-9567681-1-7

£9.99. Postage free within UK.

Over 70 years ago there occurred in a mansion house in Fife, Scotland, terrifying phenomena which have fascinated those interested in the paranormal ever since. The occupants of Pitmilly House were subjected to spontaneous outbreaks of fires, airborne objects and other occurrences which indicated the activities of a malicious poltergeist. The story of Pitmilly, which involves a gambler disgraced by royalty, and a connection with Harry Price, the flamboyant psychic investigator of Borley Rectory, ‘the most haunted house in England,’ is told for the first time in this booklet, using exclusive access to the recollections and photographs of the two families connected with the Fife mansion which was 

demolished in 1968 but whose sinister reputation endures locally and internationally, and was the subject of a Hollywood horror film.

Publishing: October 2011. ISBN number: 978-0-9567681-2-4

£5. Postage free within UK.

Born in Glasgow to Italian café owners, Angela Boni, brilliant graduate in Italian, and student of the Fascist professor Ernesto Grillo, celebrates her twenty-first birthday before preparing to go out to see relatives in Italy and to work for an aristocratic landowner. Her aunt and uncle live on a small farm under the protective shadow of the Benedictine monastery of Montecassino. Angela has an idyllic life among the mules which her uncle Benigno, a mountain guide, uses. In the gatherings with wine and song she becomes attracted to Augusto, a passionate enemy of Mussolini’s Fascist regime and a committed Communist. Angela’s sojourn is supposed to be for a year, when she returns to Glasgow in September 1939 to prepare a doctoral thesis on Dante supervised by Professor Grillo. But the outbreak of war keeps her in Italy, and as the Germans fortify the area to prevent the Allied army pushing north, with the liberation of Rome the prize, Angela becomes one of many refugees in the monastery, under threat from the guns of both sides. The Madonna at Montecassino is a dramatic story of love, dedication and faith in the face of terror and destruction, especially when the massed bombers arrive overhead.

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